Our goals

The assist disadvantaged groups, advocacy, awareness raising, education, training, skills development, social dialogue, consumer protection, health promotion and disease prevention.

We believe, and our mission, that patients need to be on advocacy, active participants, and not only to tolerate passive admirers, to some extent, but active participants take part in medical treatment.

Members include: ordinary, supporting and honorary members.

Ordinary members can be any person who is a Hungarian citizen, rheumatological disease, or those sick relative, non-medical caregiver and the obligations undertaken statutes.

Supporting members can be natural or legal person who agrees with the objectives of the Association, and volunteer activities undertaken contribute to achieving the goals, commitments shouldn't be.

Honorary members include persons who are engaged in activities significantly contribute to the pursuit of the objectives of the association, of course, there is also no obligations.

We wait for persons' registration on all that, who suit the for the conditions of one of the memberships written down and they would like to belong to our association. We ask their entry declaration to be sent in an e-mail the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the future, we would like to get in touch with not only rheumatology, but also other patient associations and clubs that are members also receive targeted therapy.

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