What is the célterápia?

In our interpretation of targeted therapy on the one hand - in the treatment of any disease - a consistent continuation of treatment modes to obtain the best possible result with a certain pre-set, well-measured value (the target) is reached. This principle generally accepted in many areas of medicine. Another interpretation: the disease is most identifiable cause, ie the knowledge of modern scientific knowledge both set target of planned management mechanisms of action.

The most influential of the new millennium rheumatology discovery of a biological therapy, the exact denomination of the body biological response modifier therapy.

This may be a "vaccination", antibody, or other protein which is produced in living systems and counteracts the body causing inflammation and maintains its own proteins. Possible a small compound, which is able to do the same. Over the past ten years, millions of arthritis patients receiving targeted therapy whichever its forms. This advanced therapy is most often directed to the inflammation, but some cancers and osteoporosis treatment can be done so. In our country, at least 100 000 arthritis and other inflammatory diseases are serviced.

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